Houghton Lecture – Sue van den Heever (CSU)

October 5, 2023 @ 9:30 am – 10:30 am
54-915 and Zoom https://mit.zoom.us/j/94961066971

“Impacts of Aerosol-Radiation Interactions on Mesoscale Processes”

Aerosol particles, such as dust, smoke and sulfates, interact with shortwave and longwave radiation. Such interactions produce warming or cooling within the atmospheric column and at the surface depending on whether the aerosol particles predominantly absorb or scatter radiation. These aerosol-induced thermodynamic responses on the mesoscale frequently drive dynamic circulations on the same spatial and temporal scales. This seminar will emphasize the role of aerosol-radiation interactions in driving a number of mesoscale circulations including the propagation speed and intensity of haboobs (sandstorms), land-sea breezes, and a newly identified circulation referred to as an aerosol breeze. The role of aerosol-radiation interactions in establishing atmospheric stable layers in association with cloud detrainment will also be examined, as will aerosol modulation of deforestation effects on low-level convergence and cloud formation.

About this series: Supported through the Houghton Fund, Houghton Lecturers are distinguished visitors from outside MIT invited to spend a period of time, ranging from a week to several months, as scientists-in-residence within the EAPS Program on Atmospheres, Oceans and Climate (PAOC). During their stay it is customary for each lecturer to offer a short-course or a series of lectures on some topic of wide interest. For more information and Zoom password please contact Kayla Bauer (kbauer@mit.edu),