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PAOC Goes to Ocean Sciences 2018

Look out for the EAPS Program in Atmospheres, Oceans and Climate (PAOC) sharing their work at this year’s Ocean Sciences conference taking place February 11-16 in Portland, Oregon.

AGU Ocean Sciences 2018
AGU Ocean Sciences 2018

By Lauren Hinkel

Benedetto Barone, Michael J Follows, Joshua S Weitz, and David M Karl, The Impact of Sea Surface Height Variability on Biogeochemical Dynamics at Station ALOHA (abstract ID: EP24D-0819)

Kay D Bidle, Jozef Iosif Nissimov, David Talmy, Liti Haramaty, Helen F Fredricks, Udi Zelzion, A. Murat Eren, Rebecca Gardella, Christien Laber, Kuldeep Moore, Marco Coolen, Debashish Bhattacharya, Benjamin AS Van Mooy, and Michael J Follows, The Competitive Ecology of Coccolithoviruses (abstract ID: MM23A-08)

B.B. Cael and Michael J. Follows, A Metabolic Model of Biogeochemistry (abstract ID: MM11A-03)

Stephanie Dutkiewicz, Francois Ribalet, and E. Virginia Armbrust, Using observations, models, and theory to understand the large scale patterns and biogeochemical consequences of Prochlorococcus growth rates (abstract ID: MM11A-01)

Charlie Gaborit, Andrew David Barton, Stephanie Dutkiewicz, Oliver Jahn, and Sergio M Vallina, Timescales of competitive exclusion in marine phytoplankton (abstract ID: OM44B-2127)

Keisuke Inomura, Curtis A Deutsch, Oliver Jahn, Stephanie Dutkiewicz, and Michael J Follows, Modeling the impact of climate change on the elemental composition of phytoplankton and their impact on ocean carbon storage (abstract ID: OM44B-2128)

Angela M Kuhn, Stephanie Dutkiewicz,Oliver Jahn, Sophie Clayton, Tatiana A Rynearson, and Andrew David Barton, Assessing the Role of Local and Non-Local Controls of Plankton Diversity (abstract: EP24A-0759)

Jonathan M Lauderdale, Holger Brix, Stephanie Dutkiewicz, Richard G Williams, and Michael J Follows, Quantifying the Drivers of Contemporary Air-Sea Carbon Dioxide Fluxes (abstract ID: OC24B-0453)

Marina Levy, Stephanie Dutkiewicz, and Oliver Jahn, Does Submesoscale Patchiness Enhances Ecosystem Diversity? (abstract ID: EP34C-0863)

Anne Willem Omta, David Talmy, Keisuke Inomura, Andrew J Irwin, Zoe Finkel, Daniel Sher, and Mick Follows, Turnover of C, N, and P in the chlorophyte Selenastrum minutum: Different elements, different rates (abstract ID: OM41A-06)

Aboozar Tabatabai, Joseph John Vallino, and Michael J Follows, Application of maximum entropy production principle in the assessment biogeochemical models (abstract ID: MM24A-1462)

David Talmy, Emily Zakem, and Michael J Follows, What controls virus-microbe ratios in the global ocean? (abstract ID: MM31A-08)

Kimberlee Thamatrakoln, David Talmy, Liti Haramaty, Christopher Maniscalco, Jason Latham, Ben Knowles, Frank Natale, Marco Coolen, Michael J Follows, and Kay D Bidle,  Light Regulation of Coccolithophore Host-Virus Interactions (Abstract ID: MM23A-07)

Emily Zakem, Alia Al-Haj, Matthew J Church, Gert van Dijken, Stephanie Dutkiewicz, Sarah Foster, Robinson W Fulweiler, Matthew M Mills, and Mick Follows, Ecological control of nitrite in the upper ocean (abstract ID: BN33B-05)

Colette LaMonica Kelly, Bonnie X Chang, Carolyn Buchwald, Matthew Sean Forbes, Andrew R Babbin, Karen L Casciotti, Using Isotopomer Analysis to Determine Drivers of Nitrous Oxide Cycling in the Eastern Tropical North Pacific Ocean (abstract ID: BN34C-1173)

Brian Green, John Marshall, The damping of ITCZ shifts by the ocean circulation through its coupling to the trade winds(abstract ID PC23A-06)

Mukund Gupta, John Marshall, The climate response to an impulsive volcanic forcing mediated by ocean heat uptake (abstract ID: PC24B-0584)

Gianluca Meneghello, John Marshall, Jean-Michel Campin, Negative Feedbacks Between Wind, Sea-Ice and Ocean Currents Damps the Response of the Beaufort Gyre to Changing Winds (abstract ID: HE33A-07)

Jorn Callies, Raffaele M Ferrari, Dynamics of an Abyssal Circulation Driven by Bottom-Intensified Mixing on Slopes (abstract ID: PL11A-02)

Henri Drake, Jorn Callies, Raffaele M Ferrari, Testing a new paradigm for the abyssal ocean circulation (abstract ID: PL11A-08)

Louis-Phillippe Nadeau, Raffaele M Ferrari, Malte Jansen, Sea Ice Control on the Depth of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (abstract ID: PC34B-0628)

Raffaele M Ferrari, Ali Mashayek, Does turbulent mixing drive upwelling or downwelling of deep waters in the Drake Passage? (abstract ID: PL12A-01)

Madeleine K Youngs, Raffaele M Ferrari, Salt’s Role in the Basin-Width Dependence of Northern Deep Convection(abstract ID: PL12A-06)

Gregory LeClaire Wagner, Glenn Flierl, Raffaele M Ferrari, Enhancement of diapycnal transport by topographic squeeze dispersion (abstract ID: PO13A-02)

Ali Mashayek, Raffaele M Ferrari, Matthew H Alford, Colm-cille Patrick Caulfield, On sampling of turbulent diapycnal mixing, its transition from interior to boundary, and the global implications (abstract ID: PS53A-01)

Mara Freilich, Ruth G Curry, Glenn Flierl, Amala Mahadevan, Deciphering pathways for vertical nutrient supply(abstract ID: PS42A-05)

Kalina C Grabb, Yu Xin, Shuai Ding, Xiaoyan Ning, Mei S. Liu, Using nitrate dual stable isotopes to investigate the impact of the Three Gorges Dam on the nitrogen cycle within the Changjiang (Yangtze) River (abstract ID: BN13A-05)

Christina Hernandez, Sophie N Chu, Hilary I Palevsky, Gabriela Serrato Marks, Alexa R Sterling, The Society for Women in Marine Science: How to bring SWMS to your institution (Town Hall)

Gabriela Serrato Marks, Alexa R Sterling, Christina Hernandez, Hilary I Palevsky, Sophie N Chu, Jillian Freese, Supporting early-career women through the Society for Women in Marine Science (SWMS) (abstract ID: ED44B-2474)

Matthew H Alford, Jody M Klymak, Jennifer A MacKinnon, Ali Mashayek, Jonathan D Nash, Using phasor diagrams to distinguish internal wave breaking mechanisms in data and models (abstract ID: PL12A-07)

Paola Cessi, Laura Cimoli, Ali Mashayek, The effect of Northern Hemisphere winds in the meridional overturning circulation (abstract ID: PL14A-1751)

Lawrence J Pratt, Gunnar Voet, Ali Mashayek, Matthew H Alford, Dimitris Menemenlis, Deep Flow in the Pacific: Through the Samoan Passage vs. Around the Manihiki Plateau (abstract ID: PL53B-04)

Jennifer A MacKinnon, Matthew H Alford, Gunnar Voet, Ali Mashayek, The role of turbulence from highly sheared tidal and low-frequency flows in modulating topographic drag and flow separation near Palau (abstract ID: PO12A-05)

Ali Mashayek, Alberto Naveira Garabato, Overturning the Ocean Circulation (abstract ID: T008)

Hajoon Song, John Marshall, Jean-Michel Campin, Edward Doddridge, Impacts of strengthening katabatic winds on sea-ice and water mass transformation in the Southern Ocean (abstract ID: HE34A-2915)

Yunfang Sun, Elfatih A B Eltahir, Paola Malanotte-Rizzoli, Long-term marine climate change projections in the southern South China Sea and the Malacca Strait (abstract: RS34C-2004)

Xinfeng Liang, Christopher G Piecuch, Rui M Ponte, Gael Forget, Carl I Wunsch, Patrick Heimbach, Bidecadal Change of the Global Ocean Vertical Heat Transport and Its Implications for the Recent Surface Warming Slowdown(abstract ID: PC24C-0607)

Maike Sonnewald, Carl I Wunsch, Patrick Heimbach, Success and failure of barotropic theory in the North Atlantic using the ECCO state estimate (abstract ID: PL34A-1825)

Leticia Lazzari, Renato Carreira, Carlos Massone, Jose Marcus Godoy, Edward A Boyle, Timothy I Eglinton, Angela L Wagener, Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons as molecular markers of wildfires in sediments from Continental Shelf – Southeast of Brazil (abstract ID: CD44B-0168)

Simone B Moos, Edward A Boyle, Chromium Reduction on the Arctic Chukchi Shelf (abstract ID: CT33A-08)

Gonzalo G Carrasco, Jiawei Feng, Jueyi Goh, Carolyn Chia, Mengli Chen, Aazani Mujahid, Moritz Muller, Jani Tanzil, Jennie Lee, Edward A Boyle, Zinc and Cadmium complexing ligands from rivers and anthropogenic activity along a transect from South China Sea to Singapore to Malacca Straits and around Singapore: Elucidating the connection between local to regional to global distributions of ligands and bioavailable metal (abstract ID: CT34A-1330)

Emily Twigg, Mary M Glackin, Robert A Weller, Edward A Boyle, Robert B Dunbar, Robert Hallberg, Patrick Heimbach, Mark A Merrifield, Dean H Roemmich, Lynne D Talley, Martin Visbeck, Sustaining Ocean Observations to Understand Future Changes in Earth’s Climate (abstract ID: ED11A-06)

Noah Gluschankoff, Chawalit Charoenpong, Jeffrey Seewald, Scott D Wankel, Investigating reaction kinetics, products and isotope signatures during abiotic reduction of nitrate and nitrite by amorphous iron sulfide(abstract ID: BN33B-07)

Brooke Rasina, Chawalit Charoenpong, Scott D Wankel, Konrad A Hughen, Nitrogen Concentration and Isotopic Changes over the Past 250 Years in a Red Sea Coral (abstract ID: BN34C-1154)

Dan Jones, Gael Forget, Bablu Sinha, Simon A Josey, Andrew Meijers, Emily Shuckburgh, Local and remote influences on the Labrador Sea: an adjoint sensitivity study (abstract ID: HE23A-08)

Jennifer S Karolewski, Kevin Michael Sutherland, Colleen M Hansel, Scott D Wankel, Exploring Redox Interactions Between Nitrogen and Manganese: An Isotopic Study of Nitrite Oxidation by Ligand-bound Manganese (III)(abstract ID: BN34C-1171)

Daniel E Amrhein, Carl Wunsch, Luanne Thompson, Dynamical controls on the depth of the boundary between bottom and deep waters in the Last Glacial Maximum Atlantic (abstract ID: PC31A-05)

Suzanna Clark, Matthew A Charette, Britt Raubenheimer, Steve Elgar, Paul Henderson, Submarine Groundwater Discharge on a Barrier Island: Estimates via Chemical Tracers and Darcy’s Law (abstract: CD34A-0108)

Edward Doddridge, John Marshall, Modulation of the seasonal cycle of Antarctic sea ice extent related to the Southern Annular Mode (abstract ID: HE53A-01)

Georgy E Manucharyan, Glenn Flierl, Knocking on the doors of non-equilibrium mesoscale turbulence (abstract ID: PL13A-08)

Dante Campagnoli Napolitano, Ilson C Da Silveira, Cesar B Rocha, Renato Parkinson Martins, Glenn Flierl, Steadiness and Instability of the Western Boundary Current at 24 °S and 18 °S (abstract ID: PL44A-1866)

Ruth C Musgrave, Glenn Flierl, Thomas Peacock, The generation of Rossby waves and wake eddies in the lee of small islands (abstract ID: PO14B-2192)

Hong Zhang, Dimitris Menemenlis, Christopher N Hill, The Impact of High-resolution, High-frequency Atmospheric Boundary Conditions on Ocean Model Solutions (abstract ID: OM14B-2065)

Tristan J Horner, Christopher William Kinsley, Sune Nielsen, Phoebe J Lam, Authigenic and Biogenic Controls on Metal Isotope Fractionation in the Southern Ocean (abstract ID: CT13A-05)

William Seviour, David Ferreira, Anand Gnanadesikan, Yavor Kostov, John Marshall, Darryn Waugh, The Transient Response of Antarctic Sea Surface Temperature and Sea Ice to Ozone Depletion (abstract ID: HE53A-04)

Elizabeth Fine, Jennifer A MacKinnon, Matthew H Alford, John Mickett, Madeleine Marie Hamann, Olavo Badaro Marques, Gunnar Voet, Gregory LeClaire Wagner, Amy Frances Waterhouse, Marion S Alberty, Algot Peterson, Microstructure observations of turbulent heat fluxes in a warm-core Beaufort Gyre eddy (abstract ID: HE34B-2932)

Cesar B Rocha, Gregory LeClaire Wagner, William R Young, Stimulated generation: extraction of energy from balanced flow by near-inertial waves (abstract ID: PS11A-03)

Audrey Ciochetto, Colleen B Mouw, Stephanie Dutkiewicz, Variability in 3D ecoregions from satellite remote sensing (abstract ID: BN14D-1061)

Yanxu Zhang, Amina Traore Schartup, Anne Soerensen, Stephanie Dutkiewicz, Elsie M Sunderland, Modeling Methylmercury Formation and Bioaccumulation in the Global Ocean (abstract ID: CT34A-1333)

Chana Kranzler, James Mack, David Talmy, Jason Latham, Frank Natale, Kimberlee Thamatrakoln, The Interplay Between Diatom-Virus Dynamics and Nutrient Availability (abstract ID: MM31A-01)

Sam Levang, Raymond W Schmitt, Timescales of the Ocean Salinity Response to Water Cycle Intensification(abstract ID: AI13A-08)

Maria Teresa Maldonado, Jingxuan Li, Julie LaRoche, Dhwani Desai, Manuel Colombo, Alexis Beaupre-Laperriere, Kristin J Orians, Alfonso Mucci, A Hypothetical Role of Manganese-oxidizing Bacteria on the Distribution of Particulate Metals in the Canadian Arctic Ocean (abstract ID: CT21A-08)

Jingxuan Li, Lydia Babcock-Adams, Rene Boiteau, Matthew R Mcllvin, Daniel Repeta, Characterization of Dissolved Iron Binding Ligands Across the South East Pacific Ocean (abstract ID: CT34A-1322)

Nicholas Hawco, Seth John, Matthew Church, Daniel Repeta, Benedetto Barone, Alexa Nelson, John Ranieri, Rachel Lauren Kelly, Lydia Babcock-Adams, Marianne Acker, Evaluating iron limitation scenarios for the deep chlorophyll maximum (abstract ID: MM44C-1532)

Lydia Babcock-Adams, Luis Valentin-Alvarado, Rene Boiteau, Amy M McKenna, Matthew R Mcllvin, John B Waterbury, James W Moffett, Daniel Repeta, Molecular Characterization of Copper Binding Ligands Produced by the Marine Cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp. WH 7803 in Response to Increasing Copper Concentrations (abstract ID: MM44C-1541)

Chang Jae Choi, Camille Piorier, Gualteiro Spiro Jaeger, Lisa Sudek, Sebastian Sudek, Vvss Sarma, Amala Mahadevan, Alexandra Z Worden, Community Analysis Reveals Novel Phytoplankton Diversity in the Bay of Bengal (abstract ID: MM12A-05)

Gualtiero Spiro Jaeger, Amala Mahadevan, Idealised Monsoon ISO-SST Cycle: Freshwater’s Influence on Coupled Evolution (abstract ID: RS13A-04)

Daniel Repeta, Chiara Santinelli, Oscar Sosa, Benjamin Nash Granzow, Marianne Acker, Luis Valentin-Alvarado, Carl Johnson, David M Karl, Organic Phosphorus Composition and Cycling of Particulate and High Molecular Weight Dissolved Organic Matter (abstract ID: BN23B-04)

Marianne Acker, Shane Lahman Hogle, Paul Berube, Carl Johnson, Sallie W Chisholm, Daniel Repeta, Phosphonate production by the marine cyanobacterium Prochlorococcus (abstract ID: CT44A-1340)

Christopher T Hayes, Erin E Black, Frank J Pavia, Robert F Anderson, Mark M Baskaran, Ken Buesseler, Matthew A Charette, Patrick Fitzgerald, J. Kirk Cochran, Sinking flux profiles of carbon and trace elements in the North Atlantic Ocean constrained by multiple radionuclide systems (abstract ID: CT13A-07)

Erin E Black, Phoebe J Lam, Jong-Mi Lee, Ken Buesseler, Particulate export and upper ocean residence times of trace metals in the southeastern tropical Pacific (abstract ID: CT21A-02)

Ken Buesseler, Erin E Black, Quantifying particle flux attenuation using thorium-234 through the upper twilight zone by the gatekeepers of export (abstract ID: ME43A-07)

John A Breier, Michael Jakuba, Mak A Saito, Gregory Dick, Daniel Gomez-Ibanez, Kaitlyn Tradd, Sharon L Grim, Rebecca Chmiel, Matthew R Mcllvin, Abigail Emery Nobel, Brianna Alanis, Marissa Morgan Kellogg, Javier Garcia, Clio: a vertical sampling AUV for next-generation ocean sectional studies (abstract ID: IS44B-2716)

Sebastian Essink, Amala Mahadevan, Verena Hormann, Luca Raffaele Centurioni, Understanding Dispersion in the Bay of Bengal: A Multi-Drifter Approach to Estimate Velocity Gradients (abstract ID: RS14A-1940)

Jacob Samuel Tse Forsyth, Magdalena Andres, Glen Gawarkiewicz, Ke Chen, Interannual Variability in the Breakdown of Stratification on the Middle Atlantic Bight Shelf (abstract: OM13A-01)

Amala Mahadevan, Mara Freilich, Simon Ruiz, J. Thomas Farrar, Ananda Pascual, Effects of vertical motion on phytoplankton at a front (abstract ID: EP24D-0817)

Ananda Pascual, Simon Ruiz, Amala Mahadevan, J. Thomas Farrar, Mara Freilich, Pierre Chabert, Laura Gomez-Navarro, John Allen, Joaquin Tintore, Francesco d’Ovidio, Multi-platform experiments in the SouthWest Mediterranean Sea to study fine-scale ocean vertical exchanges: anticipating SWOT launch (abstract ID: PS51A-06)

Benjamin Nash Granzow, Oscar Sosa, Margherita Gonnelli, David M Karl, Daniel Repeta, Fast Fluorescent Bioassay for C-P Lyase Activity in Marine Microbes (abstract ID: BN24D-1109)

Robert E Todd, Taylor G. Asher, Joleen Heiderich, John Bane, Rick Luettich, Transient response of the Gulf Stream to multiple hurricanes in 2017 (abstract ID: AI44D-3018)

Robert E Todd, Joleen Heiderich, The potential for sustained Gulf Stream monitoring with autonomous underwater gliders (Invited) (abstract ID: PL34B-1834)

Joleen Heiderich, Robert E Todd, The transport of the Gulf Stream along the US East Coast (abstract ID: PL43A-02)

Mak A Saito, Matthew R Mcllvin, Dawn M Moran, Alyson E Santoro, Eric A Webb, Michael D Lee, Christopher L Dupont, Tristan J Horner, Noelle Held, Surveying Metalloproteins in the Euphotic Zone and Oxygen Minimum Zone of the Central Pacific Ocean and Their Influence on Biogeochemical Cycles (abstract ID: MM42B-06)

Julie Jakoboski, Breck Owens, Robert E Todd, Kristopher B Kamauskas, Using Argo Data to Observe the Vertical Structure of Tropical Instability Waves in the Pacific Ocean (abstract ID: IS14B-2566)

Jennifer An Kenyon, Ken Buesseler, Nuria Casacuberta, Maxi Castrillejo, Shigeyoshi Otosaka, Pere Masque, Jessica Drysdale, Steven M Pike, Xenia Diaz, Evolution of 137Cs, 90Sr, and 129I derived from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear accident and their potential as geochemical tracers (abstract ID: CT14B-1282)

Lauren Elizabeth Kipp, Matthew A Charette, Willard S Moore, Paul Henderson, Tracing Shelf Inputs in the Western Arctic Using Radium Isotopes (abstract ID: BN21A-07)

Sheron Luk, Jennie E Rheuban, Porter Hoagland, Joseph E Costa, Scott C Doney, Understanding the Influences of Water Quality on the Value of Recreational Shellfishing in Buzzards Bay (abstract ID: ES44C-2529)

Julia E Middleton, Maureen E E Auro, Elizabeth M Griffith, Tristan J Horner, Controls On Barium-Isotope Fractionation During Barite Precipitation (abstract ID: CT14A-1258)

Mallory Cecile Ringham, Aleck Zhaohui Wang, Frederick N. Sonnichsen, Kate Morkeski, Steve Lerner, Glenn McDonald Eyal Wurgaft, Developing an In-situ Sensor for Continuous Measurements of Total CO2 on Mobile Platforms(abstract ID: IS52A-07)

Eyal Wurgaft, Aleck Zhaohui Wang, Mallory Cecile Ringham, Shuzhen Song, James H Churchill, Boaz Lazar, Nuclei induced CaCO3 precipitation in the northern Gulf of Mexico (abstract ID: OC41A-04)

Tyler Rohr, Cheryl S Harrison, Variability in the mechanistic biogeochemical response to Southern Ocean eddies in an eddy resolving coupled global numerical simulation (abstract ID: EP24D-0815)

Claudine Hauri, Cristina Schultz, Katherine Hedstrom, Jordan Beamer, Seth L Danielson, Scott C Doney, David Hill, Charles A Stock, Influence of Ocean Acidification and Climate Change on the Biogeochemistry of the Gulf of Alaska (abstract ID: HE13A-06)

Madeleine K Youngs, Andrew F Thompson, Ayah Lazer, ACC Meanders, Energy Transfer, and Mixed Barotropic–Baroclinic Instability (Invited) (abstract ID: PL44D-1905)