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Terrascope Mission 2021: Preparing the World for Climate Change

Mission: Prepare the world for climate change, specifically Cambridge, MA and southern Bangladesh.


By EAPS News

What is Mission 2021?

Terrascope is a freshman learning community at MIT, focused on solving complex, real-world problems. This year’s students in subject 12.000 Solving Complex Problems were tasked with creating adaptation plans for two coastal communities – MIT’s host city of Cambridge, Massachusetts, and southern Bangladesh – to prepare for the negative effects of climate change over the course of the century.

The students presented an analysis of the threats climate change poses to such communities and proposed solutions to address them on their website and in final presentations.

Threats & Risks

Coastal communities face three major threats as a result of climate change: rising temperatures, severe weather, and sea level rise. Each climate threat introduces site-specific risks to coastal communities, depending on the area’s unique vulnerabilities. MORE


Mission 2021 has produced a series of solutions detailing climate change adaptation plans for both MIT’s host city of Cambridge, Massachusetts and for southern Bangladesh. You can browse by region, by type of solution, or simply view all solutions together. MORE

Mission 2021 distinguished panel:

– Professor Monirul Mirza, Environment Canada and University of Toronto
– Professor Kasia Paprocki, London School of Economics and Political Science
– Israel Ruiz, Executive Vice President and Treasurer, MIT
– Darci Schofield, Senior Environmental Planner, Metropolitan Area Planning Council