Ways to Support Climate@MIT

MIT seeks partners in advancing Climate@MIT. Gifts of all sizes are welcome and appreciated and will be gratefully acknowledged.

Although our portfolio of active research is robustly funded by all the traditional sponsors, additional support is both vital and transformative. Here are a few examples:

  • Graduate student and post-doctoral fellowships are the essential fuel of both research and education.
  • Ignition grants spark innovative research and development of new sensing technologies and climate science field programs in advance of traditional funding.
  • Visiting faculty programs foster collaboration that can lead to significant advances.
  • Outreach efforts like lectures, symposia, and briefings inform the public and policymakers alike.

To find out how you can support us or to learn about naming opportunities, please contact:

Raffaele Ferrari, John Marshall and Kerry Emanuel
Co-Directors of Climate@MIT
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
600 Memorial Drive, W98
Cambridge, MA 02139

617-253-1291 (Ferrari)
617 253 9615 (Marshall)
617 253 2462 (Emanuel)

We thank you in advance for your support.